Our Partners

AARC (Alcohol and Addictions Resource Center) 
Provides alcohol/drug prevention, education, and assessment services. Specialized services are available for women who are pregnant and using or at risk for using alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs.
Adult Protective Services (APS)
On-site partner of the FJC, APS is a Specialized unit assessing reports of adult endangerment and exploitation.
The CASIE Center 
Conducts forensic interviews of children who are victims and/or witnesses of domestic violence.
Family and Children’s Center 
Provides counseling for individuals and families who have experienced domestic violence.
Special Victims Unit of the Saint Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office
Specialized unit for the investigation and prosecution of cases pertaining to family violence. The SVU is comprised of law enforcement officers from the three major police agencies in St. Joseph County, as well as prosecutors and court advocates from the St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office.
Goodwill Industries of Michiana, Inc. 
Provides staff to work with victims of domestic violence in securing employment, placement or career training/educational opportunities that will further their goals of self-sufficiency.
Indiana Legal Services 
Provides a staff attorney for advice and representation in civil matters, primarily family law issues, for eligible clients.
Indiana University South Bend (IUSB) 
Provides interns to the Prosecutor’s Office and the Family Justice Center. The University also maintains a 24-hour, 7 day a week safe station with campus security for victims of domestic violence and provides referrals to the FJC for the victims.
Imani Unidad
Provides free HIV testing to FJC clients through the on-site follow-up clinic
Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana 
Provides care/technical training and transfer of credit to FJC clients to help with their journey towards self-sufficiency. Ivy Tech also provides its students with volunteer opportunities at the FJC. Ivy Tech works with FJC clients to provide information about educational opportunities and financial assistance.
La Casa de Amistad 
Provides translation services to Spanish-speaking victims and will train volunteers and staff in cultural sensitivity and diversity as they relate to the community’s Spanish-speaking population.
Memorial Hospital 
Works collaboratively with the on-site sexual assault follow-up clinic. Assists with new advocate training. Provided a strategic planning facilitator to assist the Family Justice Center with planning and implementing.
The community mental health center for our region. Accepts referrals for counseling and other mental health services for children and adults.
St. Joseph County Clerk’s Office 
Provides a deputy clerk on-site full time for efficient filing of protective order petitions for survivors.
Saint Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office 
Provides victim related prosecutorial and investigative services.
St. Joseph County Adult Probation Department 
Provides specialized probation officers, who have undergone domestic violence and batterer intervention training programs, to oversee offenders who serve all or a portion of their sentences under terms of probation and who will enforce batterer accountability to ensure victim safety.
St. Joseph Regional Medical Center 
Works collaboratively with the on-site sexual assault follow-up clinic by staffing the clinic. Assists with new advocate training.
United Religious Community 
Provides non-denominational spiritual assistance to victims of domestic violence and helps train members of the faith communities in St. Joseph County about how to address problems of domestic violence in their congregations.
University of Notre Dame (through the Gender Relations Center and Center for Social Concerns) 
The Gender Relations Center collaborates on outreach events for the campus communities and the Out of the Shadows support group. The Center for Social Concerns coordinates volunteer and service-learning opportunities for students, faculty, and staff of the University at the FJC.
University of Notre Dame Security Police 
Provides educational opportunities, meeting space and use of facilities to staff and partners of the FJC. NDSP also facilitates educational efforts to prevent domestic and dating violence and encourages reporting of any acts of violence. The University ensures that its police officers are provided with appropriate training in these subjects and places particular emphasis on the coordinated response to victim needs.
Women’s Care Center
Provides prenatal counseling and links to supportive services and specialized assistance for victims dealing with both abuse and pregnancy.